Welcome to learning medicine and to enjoying your learning experience


Hello all you students of Medicine. My name is Shaheen Moin. I have been a doctor for 47 years, a consultant in Internal Medicine for 37 years and a teacher of Medicine for both the MBBS and FCPS programs for 35 years. Believe me that is a lot of teaching experience. I am also an examiner for the FCPS: IMM and Part 2 examinations and have been an examiner for the MBBS program. I see the struggle candidates have in answering questions in the viva voce situation when they probably have the right answers. I also notice that candidates and students do not know how to use their analytical skills to solve problems. Medical education and its assessment is all about using the information you have memorized to solve problems and pass your examinations. I would like to use my experience as a Professor of Medicine and former Principal and Dean of Bahria University Medical and Dental College, Karachi to improve your learning experience in medical college and in your FCPS training in Medicine.

The learning of Medicine and its practice can be fun. Do not be intimidated if the knowledge that you have memorized does not pop up when you need it. Think logically and practice your logic skills. Remember that every thing you have learnt since first year is meant to be used in the practice of medicine. I will help you learn how to be logical and to integrate the information you received in the other disciplines of medicine to help answer the questions and to improve your practice of Medicine.